Monday, June 15, 2009


Lady in red says….
When GOD first created the world, there is already a sign of discrimination. Men are to be in controlled and Women have to obey. From the beginning, the woman is already at fault when she was blamed for man’s fall when he ate the forbidden fruit. Until today, they are still eating the forbidden fruits! Adam had a choice, if he had made the wrong choice, why should a woman be blamed?
In the past, most women are considered as child bearers and are of lesser value to society.
In the olden days in most Asian countries girls are often put to death or sold as slaves. They preferred cows which are more useful in giving milk for the household. Men can have many wives or concubines and women had no right to object.
Women are deprived of education and careers and are often forced into marriages when sometimes they were abused by their husbands. Women often suffer in silence and give in to their husbands’ demands in order to keep the family together whether they liked it or not.
These are some of the remarks from the men when I put forward the question: “What do you think of women today?”
With the influence from western cultures, women have started to grow and have more freedom in expression. They come in different and better packages now like how they dress, make-ups, behave, and think. They are more courageous.
A famous quote says: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” still has a major impact on world affairs. We can see today how Hilary Clinton worked her way up to become United State’s Secretary of State and she commands the attention of the world.
Women still hold a great influence among mankind. The advancement of women is a very complex issue which is related to cultural values, religious beliefs, traditional mindsets and numerous other factors that tend to be reflected in polices and regulations. Today in Malaysia, we hear of more women acquiring top positions in the corporate world.
I am proud to be born a woman and it is definitely a fact that man cannot live without a woman.
Women are survivors and they can manage their lifestyle very well with career, household and children. Women make a lot of sacrifices for their men and children and yet we still find ungrateful men having affairs or extended families without the knowledge of their wives. And if that is the case, women are still being blamed for not looking after their husbands there by causing them to stray.

Changes take place
However, women today are more aggressive and realize that they have rights, too. A lot of single women either divorcees or single mothers under the influence of western culture begin to look for their men as a spare tool.
On my trip to Thailand last year, I met 5 ladies of leisure between ages of 40’s – 60’s having so much fun that they are willing to spend money on the so called, “Toy boys.”
As a woman myself whether it is yesterday or today, I should think we should be shown respect and appreciation from the opposite sex. Women are considered the most prized gift to mankind. Generally, woman can handle almost everything, giving birth, raising children, managing the household, having night duties serving our men, having a career life, dealing with in-laws with high tolerance abilities. Woman has to spend a lot to maintain their physical appearance from head to toe, trying to look good for their men and yet some men still go astray.
Today you men be warned! Women are well exposed now and they have options too and we hear many stories about women having their hidden agendas.
“A Woman is like a teabag, you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Nancy Reagan –

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