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Valiant Knight says .... Why men cheat Part 2

Valiant Knight says ……..
A simple enough reason would be, because women cheat! It is a matter of two can play the game! Many women would like to put the blame solidly on the men. My partner, the Lady in Red points a finger directly at men and says that they are basically the cheating type! I would agree with her to a certain degree that men basically would be the first to cheat on their wives/lovers/boyfriends and what have you. However, in today’s modern society, sometimes the women would be the first to cheat. Remember, who fell to Satan’s (The Snake) temptation first in the Garden of Eden?
We have discussed the frustrations of married women in our earlier article and given a scenario where the wife is frustrated with a husband that is no longer romantic or caring then we find a time bomb that is ready to explode the moment the detonator is hit! Thus, when the husband is away working to his bones to earn enough to feed his family, having no time to play around with other women or is so worn out by his work until he is no longer appealing to other women, a man enters the life of the frustrated home-maker and the fuse is lit! Karboom! There is this spontaneous explosion of lust and the woman cheats on her husband!
Usually, men who go for frustrated housewives are single Casanova type, so they do not cheat on their spouses as they have none! Thus, it is now the attached wife that is involved. Most women know how to ‘forget’ the slight indiscretion but not all can and will feel guilty and eventually ‘confess’ to their husbands! Boy, can you imagine the effect on him? It would be worse than the shockwaves of the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima! The poor husband is devastated. He has been cuckolded! What can be more degrading? So, he tells the world that he wants to get back at her and the best way possible is to have an affair too. Once he sets out on this path, he is on a journey of no return. One ‘conquest’ will be followed easily by the next and it goes on!
A man who cheats because his wife first cheated is the kind that will go on cheating till the very end! He is a ‘wronged’ guy and he has no remorse about cheating the woman who cheated him or any other women. To him, they all cheat after all!
The next category of men who cheat are those who are frustrated with their wives because their wives care more for the children, the home and things domesticated except bedroom activities and looking after the husband well! I find it strange that a woman who can take care of her children so well, manage the curtains, cushions, floor and food in the house cannot find time to please and satisfy her husband! Is it that difficult?
Once a man cannot find meaning and pleasure with his spouse, he would definitely look for this elsewhere. It is easy to come by these to fulfil his needs. Any pup, karaoke lounge, bar, nightclub, etc. would provide him with hostesses ever willing to fulfil all his fantasies as long as he is willing to spend money! Others who do not want to spend money of different hostesses each night may look for a special one (a constant companion [don’t like the term ‘mistress’] and start a second home! This home is different from his original home because there are initially no children, he gets all the attention of his woman as he has so little time with her anyway and so the best situation arises from such a relationship. Since he is not legally tied to this woman, he is free to leave anytime and the woman knows it and would serve him on hands and feet! Again, he has to spend extra money!
Thus, we can also point to money as the root of all reasons for men to stray from their wives. If you have the financial means you can buy ‘comfort’ if not you just walk out and try to find another. Even in such a situation, you still have to pay alimony and children maintenance to the old family and it will cost you a bomb!
So gentlemen, cheat at your own peril!
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