Sunday, June 21, 2009


Valiant Knight says ……..
Since the beginning of time, men have been given a place of importance and dominance over women. Adam was first made and Eve was derived from him! Cain and Able were the first offspring of Adam and Eve and recorded as such in the Holy Books. In most civilizations, males were featured as most dominant. A Chinese family cannot imagine not having a son to carry on the family’s name. Therefore it is not strange that even to this day, men always feel that they are the superior gender.
However, this is a generalized concept and actual dominance of the male gender is not something that is guaranteed! How often in history, legends and in myths we find the fall of the dominant male! Cain and Abel saw the murder of Abel by Cain and thus the disfavour shown to Cain after that! It is so common for Emperors of male origin being subjugated to the dominance of Empress Dowagers or their Empresses! Such male rulers were merely puppets of the ladies behind the men. It is also not uncommon for societies to adopt female oriented power houses. A common example is the Menangkabaus. Many remote tribes and societies in today’s world still practice this matriarchal form of society.
Why do men in the past dominate the family and society? Again we look at the respective roles of primitive civilizations. Women bear children and must look after them in their dwelling places. The men go out to gather and hunt food! Outdoor activities make men basically stronger to weather the environment and hunt down and kill fierce animals. Thus men developed the hunting skills and killer instinct, making them a dominant gender as compared to motherly image of homemakers who are basically women.
So long as men go out to gather and hunt, they maintain this dominance in physical skills and strength. However, in some societies, women played and are still playing an important role in providing for their families’ needs. This is so when farming and domestication took place. Women could cultivate and look after livestock! The role of the gatherer and hunter of men becomes less important. In many societies, men became docile and sort entertainment to overcome their boredom! Thus they fly kites and play with tops. Many games originated as a result. This left men with the solitary role of sperm producers to propagate mankind! Not very attractive a description of the He-man!
If we look at today’s society, anything that a man can do to earn and support a family, a woman can easily do it too. Given such equality, women no longer look up to men as superior. Therefore, men have lost the psychological advantage. Through centuries of seeking fun and frolic when idle men folks played games and sort out women, men have grown weaker and less efficient in many areas. Today’s men has become lazy and not diligent, especially in the field of education. If we look at our local universities and most universities, we find that women are dominant and do better unless suppressed by social and religious controls. What are our men doing in such places? They play games, go to parties and orgies and make fools of themselves (with exceptions).
When they come out to work, because of the dominance of males in higher places, they are given such status to the detriment of companies and government departments. They lack the knowledge and efficiencies as well as the will to make things work successfully. Thus, many large companies fall and businesses collapse because of inefficient male leadership at the very top. On the other hand we see women CEOs steering their companies to greater and greater successes! Today’s men are a faint reflection of their ancient counterparts.
To make matters worse, today’s men are allowed the freedom to practise something that was tabooed long ago – homosexuality! Many societies are coming to terms with male and male relationships and even marriages! This erodes the one and final fundamental role of males – to produce children. No male and male marriage can produce children! When men degrade into this form of activity, what is left of his role? In such a relationship, one of the two must play the role of the women! Thus half of the society that practises homosexuality to the extent of getting married is no longer actively maintaining the male role! Instead, they are no better than females!
Don’t get me wrong! I am not against homosexuals! I believe they have a right to express themselves freely as anyone else, but I am here discussing the roles of men yesterday and today. When homosexuals was the exception and not so common in the past, men usually (especially in public) acted like men but today when it is condoned, many men are now acting and even looking like women!
A review of popular artistes would show that the cute, sweet looking males are more popular as their fans are females. It is a mistake to think that women go for macho looking men! How often we see screaming girls (especially teenage girls) going berserk at sweet looking males! These same people would make a manly man puke yet they are popular among women! Men are still playing their roles to attract women to them so that they fulfil the ultimate role of reproduction! However, with society freely allowing homosexual activities, many man also fall for them, thus disrupting the natural role of reproduction!
Where will all these lead to? Will women find a way to reproduce humankind on their own? Do they merely ‘milk’ men of their sperms and fertilized themselves to reproduce? Where are we head for? Your guess is as good as mine.

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