Saturday, July 4, 2009


Valiant Knight says ……..
From personal experience, I would say the main reason is that they met someone they could not resist! Sounds similar to why men cheat, right? Women cheat for almost the same reasons as men! Shocking? Not true? Believe me, it is often the case.
Of course the underlying factors may not all be the same in each case. I know of a woman who cheated because she was unhappy with her spouse. She was unhappy with her spouse in many ways. Basically, he was too involved with his work and spent very little time with her and the children. Secondly, he was a selfish lover. The type that would get his orgasm and them turn over to snore! Thirdly, she has to put up a false front because of the nature of her spouse’s work.
Finally, she had the opportunity to work with a man that she found was all that her husband wasn’t and given ample opportunity to work and be with him most of the time, they touched physically and an explosion resulted and the next thing you know, they were making love like old married couple! Here too, thing were different from her previous experiences. This cheating relationship ended of course in both the woman and the man divorcing their respective spouses!
In another case, there was this woman who was just one step below this man in the office hierarchy and since they share a common office that is quite secluded (opportunity) she did everything to attract this man’s attention to the extent of even seducing him by exposing herself to him (temptation). So, this man eventually took advantage of her and she was all too willing to be involved (cooperation). The reason: opportunity to rise in her position of work.
The next true case I want to bring out is one where the woman having reached a position of power finds that there is still one final challenge for her. She uses her position and power to get herself a man of equal power. Her husband, a good fellow, is rather a weakling and rather unimpressive, whereas she was a big boss wielding lots of authority in work. She found another fellow worker from another branch equally strong and powerful in nature. She liked what she sees in him so much that at every opportunity they were working together under some pretext. Eventually, they were at a conference outstation together and it didn’t need a spark to set them off! This went on for years without their respective spouses knowing. It was well controlled as people in power know how to control situations!
From these three true to life situations, you will have to agree with me that women of today are no longer isolated and confined at home. They have ample opportunities at work especially to meet someone they can take up as a lover, either for permanent sake or as a temporary situation just to please themselves.
More shocking for men, even if you leave your wives at home, don’t think you are safe from a cheating woman! The final example of a cheating woman I want to bring out is that of an uneducated home maker. Her house was in a secluded area and since she has no means of going out to shop for her daily necessities she has to ask for delivery. (I know how Western storybooks and TV series have portrayed this theme but this is a true life situation in Malaysia!) Unfortunately, most of the delivery personnel are men. It was no difficult task to invite each in for a cooling drink in our hot weather and after a cool drink heat up the man with her seductive ways!
So, why do women cheat? They are just like men, too. They are bored, fed-up with their partners, they want to impress, they want to convince themselves they are still attractive and wanted, they want to experience new thrills, they want to compare men, they want out! Also, because in some cases they also know that their men cheat on them (as pointed out last week that men cheat because their wives first cheat on them).
All is fair in love and war!

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