Sunday, July 12, 2009


Valiant Knight says ……..
When a man selects a woman to marry, he is already mesmerized by that person in the first place before he would pop the question of marriage. Therefore, unless it is a shotgun marriage, he would think that he has found the ideal person to marry! Sad to say, what a person in love sees or experiences with a woman who is possibly equally in love with him, differ from reality! Young people during courtship (refer to our earlier articles) see things through rose tinted glasses and only wake up after some time after marriage (some after the wedding night, others take longer).
I am sure many men would have a prepared list of what they want their future spouses to be and would use this as a guideline to search for one. Eventually, failing to find one, they would start to compromise on the list and accept lower standards. What is the lowest standard would they expect from a wife? I will deal with this low standard first and if I have the space, write about higher standards men expect from their wives.
The minimum requirement is that she is a woman where sex is concerned. I mentioned sex first because most men marry for sex! Sex for his pleasure and sex for children! In modern society, most men may be fortunate enough to have a sample of this but some don’t get the chance and it is rather risky to accept without first sampling! So, on the wedding night, some of these men who bought the figure of speech ‘pig in the poke’ will have to poke (pun intended) and find out! If they are not satisfied, then the marriage in already on the rocks! Dissatisfaction because of things like a wife being frigid, rigid, etc. will be a major problem. Many will forgive even if she is not a virgin but can satisfy the men beyond his lower basic standards.
Secondly, men would expect a wife to be able to cook a simple meal for him. I don’t think there is a man in this world that will not expect to eat some meals at home. Worse come to the worst, he would expect breakfast some mornings! If a wife cannot make a proper half-boil egg (some really can’t even after years of trying) and not burn a toast (even with automatic toaster – wrong setting) or make a decent tasting cup of coffee, then again the marriage is doomed!
Thirdly, a man expects his wife to produce children! If in the first few years they fail to come up with an off-spring, they would be patient, even the man, after a few years, they will start to look at each other and start placing the blame! A check-up would do the trick to find out who is to be blamed! If it is the woman, this will be an excuse, maybe not for a divorce, but for a second wife to produce off-springs. If the woman cannot take this, lo and behold, a divorce is imminent!
Fourthly, a man expects the wife to be a good home manager (not gender bias so not going to use ‘manageress’)! Yes, I give you a certain amount of money, you manage! Wow! Tall order, with rising prices, greater demands, etc. how do you expect a wife to manage if the amount of money from day one of marriage till now remains the same? Well, a good home manager should know how to negotiate for increases accordingly, right? If supplementary budgets must be provided all the time, a man would be irritated and find this is an excuse to dislike the wife.
Sixthly, a wife has to be a nurse or better still, a doctor (even though she isn’t by profession). When a man is ill, he is the most difficult person to cater to! He will groan at the slightest pain (imagine if he should go through child birth!) and demands for attention with the lowest fever. If a wife cannot see to his needs in such a tragic moment, she is as good as the garbage waiting to be thrown out. But if she performs above par, she is usually remembered and treasured. After all, she has saved his life (a man always thinks he is going to die when he is slightly ill)!
So, you see, a man has only six things he expects from his wife. Why can’t any woman satisfy any man?

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